Accompanying Person : 100 Euros (Accompanying person fee includes all social events)

Single Room: 35 Euros

Double Room Per Person: 25 Euros

* The accommodation price includes; breakfast

On-campus student guest houses provide METU NCC students a safe, comfortable and well-maintained living space in an academically enriching environment. Currently, our student guest houses have sufficient capacity to accommodate all our students. METU NCC student guest houses are some of the most advanced-offering personal high-speed Internet connectivity, cable television, and individual telephone lines. Rooms are equipped with central air conditioning and heating and a mini-refrigerator. student guest houses have a canteen and a lobby to meet the further needs of the students. Common kitchen areas and study rooms are strategically located for the use of all students. Guest Houde I has rooms that are shared by two or four students. In student guest house Building II, three students share a suite with individual bedrooms, a common study area, a kitchen and a bathroom. student guest house II is at service and has the same facilities. METU NCC student guest houses are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate physically challenged students.

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For detailed information about hotels and reservations, please Contact with ASTERYA TOURISM


City Centre: 1 km | Airport: 37 km | Bed: | Unit: |
Distance to METU NCC :55 km
Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino is a symbol of hospitality of the Kyrenia that is a very distinguished port city of the Mediterranean with its location embracing the turquoise sea. The Mountains Besparmak like a harmony coming from the centuries attracts you like Kyrenia awarding a beauty you may have blessed with the Mediterranean having the clearest blue.

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City Centre: 9 km | Airport: 28 km | Bed: 930 | Unit: 470 |
Distance to METU NCC :60 km
Acapulco Beach Club& Resort Hotel is a beach hotel with a variety of facilities including the largest aqua park in Northern Cyprus, and a great sandy beach with shallow crystal clear waters, surrounded by the most magnificent flora and fauna.Acapulco Holiday Resort Hotel offers a balanced mixture of Cyprus tradition with Western comforts.

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City Centre: 10 km | Airport: 45 km | Bed: 650 | Rooms: 307 |
Distance to METU NCC :65 km
The beautiful Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino is a luxurious five star hotel boasting a fabulous location, offering a wide range of facilities and amenities, and enabling visitors to enjoy everything from unique charm and surrounding beauty to great service and excellent entertainment. This all-inclusive, conveniently located hotel boasts over three hundred wonderful and comfortable room, which includes junior suites and royal king suites.

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